Adhesive Disk Sleeves

Adhesive Disc Sleeves
Necessity – The Mother of Invention

By Allison West

I like the word ingenuity. It’s uplifting and positive in its pronunciation and meaning. The Oxford English dictionary defines ingenuity as “the quality of being clever, original and inventive, often in the process of applying ideas to solve problems or meet challenges.”

Hand in hand with ingenuity is innovation. Innovators are often characterized as tenacious, focused, passionate, and goal oriented – and naturally curious, too.  Great inventions happen when curiosity evolves from thinking about problems to solving them.

America’s Early Entrepreneur
Most of us know Benjamin Franklin as a Founding Father of the United States and a signer of the Declaration of Independence.  He was a major figure in the American Enlightenment and recognized for his knowledge of physics and his discoveries in electricity. His list of inventions is long and includes the lightning rod, bifocals and the Franklin stove.

A true Renaissance man, he applied his vast knowledge of complex theories and systems in engineering, physics, politics and writing to help answer the questions and solve  the problems of his day. He was also a writer, printer and humorist, famous for his satire and wit. Take for instance this Franklin quote (one of several I use throughout this piece):

“There are three faithful friends – an old wife, an old dog and ready money.”

No could turn a phrase like Mr. Franklin.

A great modern invention
One innovation from the 20th century was the invention of the compact disc (CD). The project that launched the modern CD was started in 1974 with Philips and its research laboratories. Think for a moment how the CD and DVD revolutionized how we listened to and stored music and books (remember the climbing CD towers we all had back in the 1970s and ‘80s?) Although now we’re well into the digital age, discs are stubbornly sticking around in many businesses, homes and online distributors.

The original, hard “jewel case” plastic CD and DVD cases, however, were less than ideal. They were bulky, cracked easily and left discs susceptible to damage. If you left CDs in a hot car, the cases broke or just wouldn’t close properly. Odds are many of your favorite tunes still have the scratches and skips to prove this.

The early CD and DVD sleeves were a slight improvement over hard cases. Some were made of plastic that still turned yellow and fell apart. The crinkly paper ones didn’t protect very well and were slippery when stacked.

“Well done is better than well said.”   Benjamin Franklin
A Better Mousetrap
Inventor and scientist entrepreneur Ross Youngs founded Univenture in 1988. The company was originally known for making disc packaging and inventing the Safety-sleeve®.  This special disc sleeve was invented to solve the problems associated with traditional CD jewel cases.
Why Safety–sleeve®?
The unique, non-woven, clean room fabric that Youngs patented and incorporated into his sleeves proved integral to its design. Products bearing the Safety-sleeve ®seal still use this material, which allows minute debris to fall through and become trapped away from the disc.

Safety-sleeve® is also 75% thinner than traditional jewel boxes and many customization options are available. Because significantly less material is needed for their production, Safety-sleeves are a greener product because less material is used to produce it

Options galore with Univenture adhesive disc sleeves
This blog will provide you with plenty of information concerning the many options that are available for customizing adhesive disc sleeves. Special tips are also sprinkled throughout, so keep reading!

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s available when you’re considering using adhesive disc labels.

  • • Tamper-resistant options available
  • • Easy peel-and-stick, high tack adhesives
  • • Compatible with automated insertion equipment
  • • Custom options are available

Click here for more details on customizing adhesive disc sleeves:

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”    Benjamin Franklin
What you should know about Adhesive CD sleeves
The poly adhesive sleeve, excellent for combining discs with books, magazines or publications, has edge-to-edge peel and stick adhesive backing.  Using the Safety-sleeve ® with a tamper-resistant opening provides added protection from loss and damage.
Tamper-resistant packaging

Adding tamper-resistant or tamper-evident perforated flaps or strips to your product is a straightforward measure, but it can go a long way toward giving your company peace of mind that your product is being used properly. We’ve managed to create a tamper-resistant packaging solution that in no way diminishes from your product’s visual appeal, and are an easily added step in our automated disc insertion process.
Tip:Univenture can develop a tamper-resistant package for almost any kind of disc product.
Never confuse motion with action.”    Benjamin Franklin


Univenture produces a series of products that incorporate a full peel-and-stick adhesive backing. All products in this line use an acrylic-based adhesive with a high tack level to guarantee a permanent placement. Software, for example, can be included in a safe manner while remaining unobtrusive.

  • • Adhesive backed sleeves are products using a high-tack acrylic adhesive and feature and easy to use, peel-and-stick liner, and are also available in 80mm and business card sizes.
  • • These are available as ready-made or can be customized.
Tip:  Practically any product – files, folders, boxes and organizers – can be enhanced with an adhesive disc sleeve addition.
“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”    Benjamin Franklin
Graphic Pockets
All Univenture sleeve products can be produced with or without a pocket to hold a printed sheet or booklet.  If your disc package requires printed literature or documentation, the addition of a graphic pocket is an attractive, economical choice.
Tip:  Not only are graphic pocket additions eye-catching, they’re also easily applied.  Univenture’s fully integrated U1000 automated insertion process can assemble discs and graphics simultaneously.
Energy and persistence conquer all things.”    Benjamin Franklin
Designing for custom sizes
Don’t worry about how your package will fit into one of our cd/dvd sleeves. Packaging products of unusual sizes is no challenge with the breadth of experience in Univenture’s custom solutions.  The company has 30 years’ experience in product development and building automated packaging equipment. They also have established relationships with insertion equipment manufacturers.
Tip:  UniKeep Univenture is happy to work with you to devise a way to protect, distribute, and market your product inventively and efficiently.
Material Options
Polypropylene, biodegradable polypropylene and material using recycled content are available. Polypropylene has a wider temperature range and is resistant to chemical attack, making these sleeves archival quality and a superior storage option.
Tip:  Polypropylene sleeves are made from materials that are forty percent lighter in weight than comparable sleeves – which saves you money on shipping costs.
Need more ideas?
Univenture’s goal is to provide the best packaging and storage solutions for your valuable discs. We offer  options at every budget and scale.

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