Univenture Inc.


A Private Company Supporting, Guiding, Funding,
and Innovation for Profits and Good

Univenture Inc. – supports internal and occasionally external investments and Innovations enabling focus on core competencies of the involved teams.


Univenture Inc. can provide all non-core support including funding, planning, branding, marketing, sales, programming, manufacturing, distribution, accounting, legal, HR, and many non-core needs directly and indirectly through partners. Focusing and supporting innovation, research, and development of the selected efforts of the Entrepreneurial teams accelerates market offerings.

Media Packaging that Delivers
Clear Envelopes with the World’s Best Response Rate
Exceptional Cases for Presentation and Function
Public Mask – Affordable, Sustainable, Customizable
Custom Packaging, Binders, Cases, Pouches, Pockets & Pages, Banners & Signage
Meetings & Events Tools for Marketing
Small Molecule Library & Discovery, First Cell to Cell Signaling from Microorganisms

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