Univenture Inc.


A Diversified Company with BIG Aspirations

Univenture, Inc. – Founded in 1988 with the objective of creating platform technologies and products that are creative, inventive, and provide solutions that are: Better, Faster, Cheaper, or Differentiated that result in a sustainable business model of each new platform. Univenture’s innovation has resulted in over $430 million in sales with 32 profitable years and over $30 million in cash flow that has built multiple platform technologies and brands.

Univenture’s Fastest-Growing Consumer and Commercial Brands

These Platforms are 100% Owned by Univenture, Inc.

IP platform of high speed converting for specialty and consumer packaging
Patented platform of containers for publishing and organizing
IP platform of mixed functional materials for unique publishing

Univenture’s Legacy Consumer and Commercial Brands

Platforms 100% owned by Univenture, Inc

Brand to focus on unique packaging opportunities using technologies
Original optical disc packaging and storage for protection and economy

Univenture’s Biotech Platforms

Platforms partially owned or affiliates of Univenture, Inc.


IP Platform for the breakthrough discovery of potential drugs.
~5% ownership and growing

Biosortia brand for microbiome field
studies in collaboration with governmental and academic partners
Affiliated Nonprofit through licensing
of Biosortia’s technologies for Rare,
Orphan & Neglected Diseases

Univenture’s Future Consumer and Commercial Brands

npMINT.io and MaskEze is 100% Owned by Univenture, Inc. and biobent is10% Owned by Univenture, Inc.

NFT & physical services for nonprofit funding
Sustainable and environmentally friendly technology for face mask
Bioplastic compounding and polymer technology

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