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Since 1988, the Safety-sleeve® design has remained the absolute gold standard of media packaging – no matter the volume. As Univenture’s original innovation, the Safety-sleeve® design has a long and storied history. Founder Ross Youngs developed his first patented invention while working in the tech industry with traditional cases, which were bulky and left discs susceptible to damage.

The unique, non-woven, cleanroom fabric that Youngs incorporated proved integral to the design; products bearing the Safety-sleeve seal still uses this material, which allows minute debris to fall through it and become trapped away from the disc.

The material’s slim profile also allows Safety-sleeve® to be 75% thinner than traditional jewel boxes, and with abundant customization options to boot. Since dramatically less material is used in comparison to jewel boxes, Safety-sleeve® is a Greener product option as well. Paired with Univenture’s incredibly efficient U-1000 machinery (which can process up to 4000 disc-inserted units per hour), Safety-sleeve® products stand out as the most pragmatic, cost-effective disc packaging on the market. Clients may entrust Univenture with the fulfillment or may arrange U-1000 automation in their own facility — reducing costs and logistical demands for large orders.

Over the last 25 years, Safety-sleeve® has become the preferred packaging solution for tier-1 media suppliers worldwide but with options at every budget and scale, the benefits of Safety-sleeve® are welcomed anywhere there are compact discs.

The UniKeepTM product family enhances document storage and presentation.

Ross Youngs launched UniKeep in 2000 to offer premium storage and presentation solutions; the brand’s core product, the UniKeep Case Binder is the 100% polypropylene answer to the traditional vinyl 3-ring binder.

UniKeep binders surpass traditional binders in virtually every aspect. The injection molding process creates a unique, single polypropylene piece; because the product contains no metal or vinyl whatsoever, the unit is also 100% curbside recyclable.

In addition to being an eco-friendly alternative, UniKeep binders are ergonomically superior as well. The snap-locking poly rings will never pinch your fingers, misalign, or rust and the fully-enclosed case design holds even loose materials in place and allows for neat storage anywhere.

From disc-sized wallets to large-format presentation binders and several sizes in between, and with design possibilities including clear overlays and digital printing, UniKeep products feature outstanding customization potential. Furthermore, the wide range of EnvyPak and Safety-sleeve® products makes UniKeep custom packaging the most versatile available on the market.

EnvyPakTM clear envelopes and mailers offer unmatched visibility and quality.

Univenture launched the EnvyPak brand in 2003 to offer creative solutions for direct mail in cost-effective, versatile configurations.

All EnvyPak products share an engaging, interactive quality that achieves the maximum possible impact for various marketing applications. The premium, crystal-clear envelopes at the heart of the EnvyPak product line stand out from all other mailers and enhance their contents – even before being opened. Combined with EnvyPak’s full-color printing expertise, the resulting custom work is at the pinnacle of today’s direct mail market.

EnvyPak mailers are USPS-approved, 100% recyclable, designed to be fully compatible with automation equipment, and available in various custom shapes and sizes. The EnvyPak line also features clear poly pages, pockets, and other products that can be modified to customer specifications.

CardNoter was officially launched in 2017. Youngs hand-assembled a business card organizer made with pocketed pages for storing cards and lined paper pages for taking notes. The user would simply insert business cards into pockets on the left, and write notes about each contact on the corresponding lined pages on the right side. He stamped the front cover with his logo and the product was good to go.

Youngs distributed the booklets at his next conference and they were such a hit, he immediately put them into production in his Marysville, Ohio, manufacturing facility. The new CardNoter would be marketed and sold as a unique promotional product. The product’s branding and customization capabilities have since expanded to include a digitally-printed, full-color front, back, outside, and inside covers. Specially-printed inside pages and tip-ins, such as maps and mini-posters, can also be used with CardNoter.

Custom branded CardNoters have been distributed throughout the U.S. at conferences, conventions, and educational forums;
and through local business, political, logistics, and educational groups.


Algaeventure was officially launched in 2009. Algaeventure Systems (AVS) Dublin, Ohio, has developed and patented its proprietary solid-liquid separation technologies for the recovery of valuable solids from water. AVS’s Solid-Liquid Separation (SLS) technology received a merit-based award from the U.S. Department of Energy’s ARPA-E as a “potentially transformative innovation”. AVS’ SLS technology has demonstrated practical applications across a wide range of industrial applications including chemical, food, biosolids, industrial and wastewater separations. Algaeventure / Biosortia is now on its fifth generation of technology. All trade secrets.

Biosortia was re-branded in 2016. Biosortia has a fully developed technology that obtains new drug-like cell to cell communication chemistry directly from the microbiome. We access this chemistry that is completely elusive to researchers and product developers. Biosortia’s technologies, initially supported by ARPA-E, DARPA, and USAFRL with extensive follow-on research and six years of development, make this proven breakthrough possible. Biosortia creates valuable intellectual property for early licensing and product revenue from the actually hidden chemistry of the microbiome for therapeutics, agrochemical, cosmetics, and other segments.

Biobent Polymers is a bioplastic compounding and polymer technology company offering an award-winning service that converts petroleum-based thermoplastics into bioplastics using inexpensive, low-value bio-feedstocks derived from agricultural waste and by-products. Pent-up demand for sustainable bioplastics remains high and growing, but today’s bioplastic prices are too high and performance too low to satisfy these demands.