Univenture Inc.



Univenture has a shared focus on continual improvement with a focus on Innovation leading to technological advantages.

The product and technological innovation is driven by better, faster, cheaper, or differentiated and supported by an internal dynamic of guiding principles of teamwork.

Intellectual property in the form of patents, trademarks, copywrites, trade secrets, and vision are sought and supported across the entire enterprise.

An environment of inclusion, diversity, fearlessness, and philosophy support a high performing team’s capability to achieve and take risks.

To this end, Univenture has guiding principles.

Univenture’s Company Mission

Our strategy is to utilize our special web-fed production capabilities to manufacture various converted plastic film products for current and opportunistic new products. Opportunistic technologies and product categories should be candidates for spin-out and monetization.


We will concentrate on growth industries where value-added products can take advantage of our web-fed technological capability and automated assembly expertise to produce customized, innovative, consumable products with demonstrable advantages that bring above-average profits.


We will seek geographic markets with high growth potential where our superior sales, product quality, distribution, and technology bring additional competitive advantage.


  • People – Success is achieved through all people working interdependently, and fearlessly toward our mission supported by leadership. Diversity and inclusion are embraced because people perform best as a team when everyone respects an individual’s life journey.
  • Products & Technologies – Our products are designed and manufactured to set the market standard.
  • Innovation – We focus on better, faster, cheaper, or differentiated
  • Profits – We strive to be effective and efficient in all aspects of our work environment in order to drive and continue to be competitive, and profitable.

Guiding Principles

  • Quality: A culture will be supported to have people produce results that will meet or exceed expectations.
  • Customers: Build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Continuous Improvement: We strive for continuous improvement through innovation and knowledge with a focus on the future.
  • Analysis: We continually analyze information to identify opportunities for improvement, innovation, or education.
  • Standardization: We will set standards, apply them monitor and revise them in order to foster consistency in performance throughout the organization.
  • Control: We will drive organizational and individual performance by measuring their respective results against clearly defined and communicated objectives.
  • Quality Assurance: The process will be designed and executed to produce results that will meet or exceed expectations.
  • Effects: We will support our measurement system to provide positive re-enforcement of desired results and will identify and correct actions that produce undesired results.
  • Employee Involvement: Maximize the involvement of every employee’s contribution by utilizing their entire potential. Developing strategies to achieve continuous improvement requires fearless participation at every level.
  • Integrity: We are all responsible for creating a work environment that builds trust.
  • Policy and Planning: To establish guidelines with levels of expectation that are clearly and concisely communicated and embraced by all members of the organization.
  • Administration: The organization will be structured responsibility must be clearly defined and leadership must be by example.
  • Education: We will place individuals in jobs that they are appropriately qualified for and will provide ongoing training to improve productivity.
  • Information: We will collect and communicate pertinent information to all levels of the organization in a concise, accurate, and timely manner.
  • Future Plans: We are committed to the development, implementation, and continuous evaluation of our strategic plans and guiding principles. We strive to apply those principles in the execution of our daily activities.