Delta Printing Solutions – Bind In

Delta Printing Solutions – Bind In


California-based Delta Printing Solutions, one of the largest book printers on the West coast, maintains a completely integrated in-house binding department that annually binds over 60-million books, manuals, catalogs and directories. Their motto is, “Your job. Your way. On time.” Recently, Delta was asked to produce a 120-page textbook that would incorporate special sleeves bound into the book for five instructional discs.

Delta’s customer, Encore Music Publishing, was in the process of releasing Volume II of its “Ear Training” study series, authored by renowned music educator Elvo D’Amante. The book and accompanying discs are designed to help students master basic interval sounds from a second to an octave. Critical to the training series are the discs – totaling six hours of lessons, studies and drills – which train students to recognize all ascending, descending and harmonic intervals.

Though they regularly bind-in sleeves, a project with five discs offered some unique challenges for Delta. One of these was ensuring the combination of the discs and the construction of the book were compatible and would remain intact during the life of the product. The solution required specially designed bind-in sleeves that would not only accommodate the large number of discs within the book, but also comply with the automated binding process. According to Shelley Chester, Delta’s Senior Buyer, the company had worked with Univenture, Inc. previously on projects with special requirements and had been impressed with their ability to provide solutions to its varying needs. Shelley was confident that Univenture would again have the correct solution

Customer Solution Understanding customer’s needs and providing optimal packaging solutions is the cornerstone of Univenture. Univenture’s product design team discussed the project and possible solutions. Ultimately, the combination of two 2-disc and one 1-disc perfect-bound EnvyPakTM bind-in sleeves would provide the best solution. The capability to utilize multiple sleeves in a bound book is a feature unique to the EnvyPakTM product line. To provide full disc visibility, Delta chose the paper backing, and clear polypropylene front, version of this sleeve.

The EnvyPakTM sleeves were perfect and the project turned out fantastic. Though it was the first time Delta had ever inserted this many discs into a book, the binding process went very well. The sleeves added minimal bulk to the book; they bound well and met Encore’s protection requirements for the discs. The publishing company loved the results.

“I feel that Univenture was in tune with our needs throughout the manufacturing process and provided a professional, finished product for the end user,” remarked Shelley. “It was a pleasure to work with such caring and imaginative people at Univenture.”

For both complex and standard bind-in disc sleeve packaging, like Delta, you can trust Univenture to give you the right problem-solving solution. Custom designed products can be manufactured very economically, making EnvyPakTM a perfect alternative for marketing and direct mail projects. EnvyPak bind-in products offer solid design for use in all perfect and saddle stitch bound publications, and are compatible with automated disc insertion equipment. For more information, visit

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