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‘The Joy of Marketing’ is dedicated to helping boutique photography studios grow their businesses with workshops and educational products. Café Joy, their educational membership-based service, helps encourage its members to invigorate their business every month without ever having to leave home.

“We have members all over the globe; photographers who own their own photography business,” said Sarah Petty, owner, ‘The Joy of Marketing.’ “We help them monthly to grow that business.”

Membership includes monthly mailings full of samples and ideas to help give boutique owners a competitive edge with their marketing. These mailings often include audio CDs, which led ‘Joy’ to seek out a convenient way for members to organize their discs.

“We needed a sturdy case to keep our monthly audio CDs contained in one tidy place for our members,” said Petty. “We wanted this product to encourage loyalty to our program. When members join Café Joy, they receive a box full of marketing educational materials, a welcome CD and the current monthly CD. They continue to receive discs each month.”

The UniKeepTM CD 30, made from 100% recyclable polypropylene, offered ‘Joy’ a practical solution. The CD 30 was unique compared to other products available on the market. “We liked that more CDs could fit inside,” said Petty. UniKeep Disc Wallets can be easily customized to be useful in a variety of applications. The wallets are designed for both shelf storage and portability, while providing fully enclosed product protection. The package came together perfectly with a custom insert designed by ‘Joy.’

“We customized the cover insert with a full color off-set printed design. We also created a custom die-cut pocket folder for each month to include the monthly marketing CD. When we were testing the final product, our target market LOVED it,” said Petty.

Univenture’s greatest feature is their ability to understand customer needs and find a solution that adds value and differentiates a company’s product from others available on the market.

“We were working under a short time frame and needed a company that could be responsive to our needs,” said Petty. “Our sales representative sent us a sample overnight, and was eager to get us the quantity we needed quickly. When our reputation is at stake, it is critical to work with the highest quality companies.”

Sarah Petty officially launched her own photography studio in 2001, and within five years, the studio was named by the Professional Photographers of America as one of the most successful studios in the country. Because of demand, and to help others with their own marketing and business growth, ‘The Joy of Marketing’ was born. In February 2008, Café Joy was introduced to the world as a monthly marketing program to feed ideas, strategies and inspiration to photographers to help them run a more successful business. In January of 2009, Café Joy was honored with the PPA Hot One award, a prestigious award given to the hottest new products of the year. Due to demand, ‘Joy’ will soon offer their products to boutique businesses outside of the photographic industry. To receive free marketing ideas and strategies, and to stay updated with the ‘Joy’ blog, visit

About UniKeep™

UniKeep manufactures an award-winning line of 100% polypropylene binders and disc wallets that are both stackable and fully enclosed. UniKeep has won numerous awards and rave reviews for the design of their products, their high quality printing and creative customer solutions. For more information, visit