Music in the Classroom

Necessity is often said to be the mother of invention. Such was the case when Gearoid Grant served as a music lecturer at a teacher’s college in Ireland during the 1980s. He noticed that while his students – as well as teachers already in the classroom – wanted to teach music effectively, they lacked a structure to do so. The practical side of teaching children to sing tunes was present, but the curriculum didn’t help with teaching them to read or to listen appreciatively and discriminatively to music.

After meeting with several colleagues, Grant and his cohorts, along with the backing of The Irish Times and Radio Telefís Éireann, devised a program called Music in the Classroom. Radio Telefís Éireann (RTÉ) is Ireland’s Public Service Broadcaster, a major contributor to the arts in Ireland, including the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra.

Eventually, a live concert, held at various venues throughout Ireland, was incorporated with the intent to help children respond physically, imaginatively, emotionally and intellectually to what they learned in Music in the Classroom.

How successful has the program been? Grant proudly responds, “I meet young music teachers now who tell me their first experience of a concert was through Music in the Classroom, and it was such a joyful one.”

The box set of Music in the Classroom contained 10 CDs and a teacher’s manual. While having the instructions on CDs brought the program into the digital age, it also presented a new challenge – distribution. Janet Stafford, coordinator of Music in the Classroom for The Irish Times, said they needed to be sure that the product was durable and would arrive safely at its destination. A co-worker told her about Univenture’s many unique packaging solutions. She was so impressed with our sample packaging that she knew she had found the best solution.

After working closely with Univenture’s European team, she decided on the black UniKeep Disc10 Wallet, a fully enclosed, completely injection-molded (including the rings) wallet. Perfect for a classroom environment, it is durable, stackable, lightweight, archival, user friendly and, since there is no metal, it will never pinch fingers or misalign at the rings.

The UniKeep Disc Wallet is available in five, ten, 20, 30, 40 and 80 disc capacities. Each size is available with a full-wrap cover overlay, which offers complete customization in a single cover sheet.

“What I liked about the wallet was its design,” commented Stafford. “It was very easy to access the individual CDs. The plastic cover was strong and durable, essential for the safe transit of the product. It turned out to be everything we had envisioned. What I like about working with Univenture is their commitment to our needs. Delivery of the packed product is always on time, which helps ensure that our customers received their orders quickly.”

As a teaching aid, Music in the Classroom is more popular than ever. The revamped program – in its new Univenture packaging – has been distributed to schools all over Ireland and Europe, and as far away as South Africa, Australia and Alaska.

The successful use of the UniKeep Disc Wallet in delivering the Music in the Classroom program helped make this product a resounding success.

Why Polypropylene
Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer, used in a wide variety of products. When used in the UniKeepTM Wallet applications, polypropylene is 40% lighter than comparable sleeves. This allows for substantially lower shipping costs. Polypropylene is also resistant to chemical attack, offers a wider temperature range, is 100% recyclable and offers a choice material for long-term archival needs.