Legal Office Supplies

Legal Office Supplies

The Legal Office Supplies That You Need


If you have a legal practice then it is essential that you have the right legal office supplies to make everything run as smoothly as possible and be more efficient. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out with your law practice or you have been around for a while getting the right law office supplies is very important.

We are not just talking about law office stationery here. You need to make the right impression with clients and so you need to take into consideration the way that your office looks as well. High paying clients are not going to be impressed if you have the cheapest furniture in your law office.

You need to plan your legal office supply and set a realistic budget for this. If you want the best lawyer desk accessories and other top quality law office accessories then you need to know that these come at a price. Ask yourself the question “what office supplies should I have for my legal practice that will create the right impression and make us efficient?”

Think Furniture for Law Firm Office Supplies

When a new prospective client enters your legal office they are going to check out the furniture that you have and the clothes that the lawyers are wearing. If they are not impressed then they may decide to go elsewhere. People pay a lot of money for legal advice and support so they need to be confident that your office matches this high ticket price.

Get the right Desks

Think about the type of desk that the modern lawyer needs to be efficient and give the right impression to clients. It does not have to be an old style, thick mahogany desk like you see in those old movies. You need to think about the use of computers and other items that the lawyer needs to be efficient.

 The desks that you choose need to be large enough so that the people do not feel cramped while they are working. Although lawyers use computers a lot these days there is still going to be a lot of papers and books that they need to handle. Make sure that the desk has enough room for this. A high end modern desk that looks good is the right choice.

Good Chairs are important

Once you have chosen the desks that you need as part of your law office supply you need to think about chairs. Yes you will need good chairs for the attorneys but you also need nice chairs for the clients to use as well. No potential client is going to be impressed if they have to sit in a cheap looking chair.

For the lawyers and others that work in the office think about the level of comfort and mobility a chair provides. If you are going to spend a lot of time sitting in a chair then you want it to provide good support as well as being comfortable and practical.

Filing Cabinets and Bookshelves

Have you ever been into a lawyer’s office that didn’t have a number of filing cabinets and bookshelves on display? Probably not and your legal office should be no different. There is usually a lot of paperwork generated legal cases so you need somewhere safe and secure to keep these. The filing cabinets need to look modern as well.

Then you will need to add bookshelves to your list of attorney office supplies. Attorneys always refer to legal books and these need to be situated close by. Again go for a quality bookshelf rather than one that looks cheap.

One of the best law office accessories you can go for is a set of good looking storage modules and other organizers that will make things a lot more efficient and also have a striking impact.

Meeting Rooms and Office Dividers

A good law firm will have at least one meeting room for use with clients as well as internal meetings. Be sure to add a whiteboard and other accessories to make the meeting room efficient. Also furnish with good quality tables and chairs.

If you have a general office area where a lot of employees work then invest in good quality room dividers for much needed privacy. Ideally the attorneys should have their own office but if you are just starting out then a meeting room for greeting clients is ok.

Legal Stationery Supplies

Computers do a good job replacing the need to paper in a lot of situations but in a law firm there will always be the need for paper. Your law firm office supplies must include paper products and accessories and we want to give you a lot of good ideas here that you will not find by just walking around a legal supply store.

Paper Legal Supplies and Accessories

One of the first things that you will require as part of your essential law office supply is a high quality letterhead and matching business cards. All lawyers will need good quality business cards and there will always be letters to write to clients etc so don’t skimp in this area.

Next you should get some good legal pads and notebooks and you will need some good binders to keep your paperwork in for easy reference. We recommend that you go for a number of letter sized binders (for 8.5 inch by 11 inch paper) as well as legal binders for storing legal size paper (8.5 inches by 14 inches).

You need to think about envelopes as well. We recommend that you go for the appropriate sized window envelopes for sending letters to clients. In a legal office there will be a lot of sensitive documents and sometimes these will need destroying. So invest in a good quality shredder that will be able to handle the amount of shredding your office will need to do.

There are other office accessories that will make life easier for everyone in your law firm. You should have calendars, planners, post-it notes, pens and highlighters, staplers, hole punches, correction fluid or tape and so on.

We can help you with your Legal Office Supplies

There may be a number of legal supply stores in your area but these can be expensive. We can help you with all of your legal office supplies requirements. We totally understand that you need high quality law office supplies to make the right impression and make your office as efficient as possible.

So if you want the very best law office accessories then let us help you. Contact us here for the very best legal office supplies.