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Key Binders – A Great Investment of Your Money


We all have a problem of managing all our keys. Sure, for some of us, a simple key ring does the job just fine. Obviously, when you have like 2 keys, one for your house and another for your car, you don’t really need a key binder organizer. But, if you’re have like a motel or a small hotel or something, then managing all those door keys can be impossible without a key binder. Still skeptical about whether you should be getting key binder organizers? Let’s get into some of the pros and cons that we can think of.

Keep Your Keys Organized

One of the best benefits of these key binders is that there are small slips on the top of each key. You can label each slip according to the flat number and keep your keys well organized. So, whenever a customer comes by, you can just pull out one specific key instead of rumbling through your entire key ring.

Safer than Key Cabinets

The first thing owners go for are key cabinets. Sure, they’re a viable option. But, personally, we feel kind of weird about placing all those keys right in front of everyone that walks by. Someone could snag a key or two when you aren’t looking. There are just a lot of things that could go wrong for you and the residents of your place. On the other hand, you can keep your key binder organizers out of view of any peeking eyes.

Cheaper than Other Alternatives

There are some people that resort to purchasing steel cabinets to keep their keys safe. Well, you can get the same protection with just a simple $15 key storage binder instead of buying a $100 safe. You could just tuck in the binder in a drawer and you will still have the same protection as a regular safe without spending so much money.

You Could Lose All Your Keys

This isn’t exactly a con, but if someone is trying to steal your keys, they won’t just walk away with a couple, they’ll walk away with every single key in your possession. They just need to show some sleight of hand and lift your key storage binder and you’ll lose each and every key you have. This can be somewhat of a con because they wouldn’t be able to steal all your keys if they weren’t in something as compact as a key binder organizer.

Closing Thoughts

We think that key binders are a great way to store your keys. Sure, there are a couple of risk factors but they aren’t going to be effective if you take care of your stuff. Try to ensure that no customer can see that you have your keys in a key storage binder and you’re good to go.

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