DVD Storage Ideas

DVD Storage IdeasDVD Storage Ideas For Your Home

Are you a real movie lover? Do you have so many DVD’s that you don’t know what to do with them? We have some great DVD storage ideas for you here. You don’t have to keep all of your precious DVD’s in that cardboard box hidden away any more. Just take a look at these unique DVD storage ideas instead.

With these creative DVD storage ideas you will no longer have to hide away your collection. When people drop by and want to watch a great movie with you there is no need for you to have to hunt through your vast collection in an old box to find the right movie. These storage ideas for DVD’s will not take up much space in your home.

1. A Wooden DVD Storage Unit

It is important that you keep your DVD’s off the ground to avoid damage. So why not go for a nice wooden DVD storage unit? You could hang it on the wall or put it just about anywhere. Well you can purchase very attractive wooden DVD storage units or if you have the skills it’s one of those great DIY DVD storage ideas.

As well as organizing your DVD’s well, wooden DVD storage units also look great and can compliment your existing décor very nicely. If you have existing wood furniture then try and match up your wooden DVD units with this.

2. Build your own Built-in DVD Storage

This is a great DIY DVD storage idea. If you have the DIY skills then why not create a built-in DVD storage facility? This is ideal if you don’t have a lot of space in your room and if you do a good job it will look fantastic.

You can keep your DVD’s tucked away and then easily access them when you need them. Again if you have existing wooden furniture then go with a matching or complimentary wood here. It will look so elegant and everyone will love it.

3. Simple Wall DVD Holder

Here is a unique DVD storage idea that would be pretty simple to put together. All you need are 4 pieces of wood. Two of these are for the base and the top of the DVD holder and the other two are for the side strips that hold the DVD’s in place.

You need to measure a DVD case and then make sure that you leave a couple of millimeters either side so that you can easily slide the cases in and out. It may be possible to purchase a wall mounted DVD holder like this too. This is certainly one of the best DVD holder ideas.

4. Simple DVD Displays

If you are looking for cheap DVD storage ideas then you can go for a simple rack that will not take up much space in your room. A lot of stores sell these simple racks and you can usually get them in wood or plastic. The wooden ones cost more but they don’t look as cheap as the plastic ones.

You should be able to mount these simpler DVD racks on the wall to keep everything out of the way. It isn’t an elegant solution but it is one of those DVD organization ideas that just works well.

5. Vintage Looking DVD Storage

If you are looking for classic CD DVD storage ideas then why not consider a vintage looking storage option? You will pay more for this but you can purchase an elegant looking piece of furniture in vintage style to store all of your CD’s and DVD’s. This is wooden furniture with vintage door and door handle designs.

6. DVD Storage under your Stairs?

If you want unique DVD storage then why not use the space under your stairs to keep your precious movies? This has to be one of the most creative ways to store DVD’s. You will need to check if this is possible in your home first. If it is then you can get to work to create some really cool DVD storage.

Organizing your DVD’s under your stairs will save you a great deal of space and it will certainly get a lot of attention from your visitors. This is certainly one of the better movie storage ideas as it can really look good and save space too.

7. DVD Movies Under the Bed?

If you like to watch DVD movies when you are in bed why not use platform storage to keep your entire DVD collection under your bed? This is ideal DVD storage for small spaces. Most modern beds have a pull out section underneath and instead of keeping bed linen in there keep your DVD’s instead.

8. Unique DVD Racks

If you are prepared to shop around it will be possible for you to find truly unique DVD racks or a unique DVD shelf. You will find a number of unique solutions in different stores or you can search for these online. You will find DVD racks made of all kinds of materials such as aluminum.

9. DVD Shelf Ideas

If you prefer DVD shelving ideas then you have plenty of options here. You could go for simple wooden shelves held up by metal struts. The shelves need to spaced apart enough so that the DVD’s will stand up on the shelves. This is one of those great DVD storage ideas for your living room.

For other DVD case storage ideas using shelves you could get metal shelves instead of the conventional wooden ones. One idea that looked really great was the use of metal water pipes for creative DVD storage. If you are looking for cool ways to store DVD’s then it is hard to beat the water pipe shelves idea.

10. DVD Albums

One of the simplest ways you can store your DVD’s is to use DVD albums. Here you will discard the DVD box and just store the DVD discs. Usually these albums have a zip to close them and inside there are a number of plastic inserts where you can slide your DVD’s in.

This is one of the most convenient DVD movie storage ideas because DVD albums take up very little space and it is easy to find the DVD that you want by flicking through an album. If you will have more than one DVD album we suggest that you label them so it will be easy to find your movies.

Organize your DVD’s Today

We have given you some excellent DVD storage ideas here. If you are good at DIY then you can easily make a custom DVD storage facility of your own. We think that a built-in DVD storage unit is a great idea.

If you are not a DIY enthusiast or don’t have the time to make your own DVD storage solution then there you can purchase DVD storage units. There are some great DVD storage ideas out there if you take the time to look for them.