Clear View Binder

The Lowdown On Clear View Binders

Here you will find everything that you need to know about the commonly used clear view binder. If you have never used or come across one before and are thinking “what is a view binder?” then we will make things easy for you by providing a view binder definition:

What is a Clear View Binder?

A clear view binder has all of the advantages of a 3 ring binder but with the added benefit of clear pockets on the front, rear and spine where you can slide in printed materials to make the binder easily identifiable. The clear view binder has been around for a long time now and is a staple in many offices and homes throughout the world.
So what kind of applications can you use these view binders for? Well there are a lot and here are some of the more popular applications:

  • • Identifying specific folders – simple labeling on the spine and front cover for example
  • Home projects – your favorite recipes?
  • • Project management – great for identifying documentation on specific projects
  • • Keeping bills and invoices – drop an insert which tells you which kind of bills e.g. credit cards
  • School projects – make great looking inserts to add to your clear 3 ring binder school assignment
  • Presentations (give branded clear binders to every attendee with your presentation slides inside)

The applications are almost endless for a clear cover binder. They really make identification a lot easier. Imagine working in a busy office that uses binders to keep all of the important documents of the business such as contracts, invoices and so on.

After a while the business can accumulate many of these vinyl binders and if they are not easily identifiable then it will take a very long time to search for the document that you need. With a clear view 3 ring binder it is so easy to drop inserts into the spine and front pockets so that finding what you need becomes so easy.

The Different Types of Vinyl View Binders

As you may expect there are a number of different clear view binders for you to choose from. We recommend that you choose a clear view binder with pockets where you can easily add inserts to the front, back and spine. Always go for a binder with a clear front because this has good impact.

Insert Pockets

When you are looking for a three ring binder with pockets go for those that allow an insert in the spine. This will make identification of stacked transparent binders a lot easier than a binder view with just a front pocket for inserts. So we recommend that you go for a ring binder with clear front pocket and a clear spine pocket.

These days a 3 view binder is a popular choice. There are 3 pockets for inserts at the front, the spine and the back. If you are used to using other types of binders then start off with just 1 clear view binder and in no time you will see the flexibility that it offers. So decide to get 1 clear view binder today and in no time you will convert!

You do not have to just settle for the classic 3 ring binders with clear covers. There are custom vinyl binders available where you can have special pockets added inside the binder for an additional cost. The kind of inside pockets that you might want to add could include:


Clear View Binder Sizes

Again you have a lot of options here. A lot of people go for 1 inch clear view binders as they find that these are enough to meet their requirements. The 1 inch binder with clear cover is a very popular choice. If you don’t think that a 1 inch clear view binder will be enough then there are larger sizes available. You don’t have to use a 1 inch three ring binder.

There are 2 inch clear view binders available as well as 3 inch and even 4 inch versions. These larger sizes are great if you need to keep a larger number of documents in the binder. Of course you will pay a little extra for a larger 3 ring binder clear view but often this is worth it if it makes life easier for you around the office.

Before you buy your clear view binders think about the sheet size. Will you need a clear binder to hold 8.5 by 11 inch sheets or 9.5 by 6 inch sheets or even A4 sheets? Also give some thought to the type of rings in the clear view binder. Is a round ring OK or would a D ring be a better option for you?

Other things to consider with your Clear View Binders

How about clear inserts for binder or perhaps printed tabs? Do you want to go for a brand name or are you happy with a non-branded clear view binder? If you want a brand then the Simply view binders are a popular choice. We believe that as long as your clear view binder is good quality then you do not need to go for a specific brand.

So now you have the complete lowdown on the clear view binder and what it can offer you. Clear binders are very popular in offices and in people’s homes because they have the versatility of allowing inserts for easy identification and presentation. There is very little cost difference between a clear view binder and a standard binder.

Some people use standard binders and then stick a label on the spine for identification. This usually looks bad and through time and use these labels tend to fall off or become unreadable. A clear view binder makes a lot more sense and because the insets are protected by the plastic cover they will not become damaged.