Clipboard Binder

A Clipboard Binder vs Standard Binder  – Which one is Better?


We’ve all used binders at least once in our lifetime. These binders are usually the typical ones with a pad of papers and a bunch of pockets and sometimes even a zipper. But, as a matter of fact, they’re pretty inferior to clipboard binders. We never use binders with clipboards but they’re much better than standard Binders due to several reasons. Seems ridiculous doesn’t it? Don’t worry; we’ll change your mind in a bit.

 Keep Your Pages Safe
One major problem with standard binders is that our stuff could fall right out of it. They usually don’t have any way to secure the pages. They sometimes do have ring metal binders, but who has to time to punch every piece of paper? Some manufacturers also put zips on binders but those products are slightly more costly than what most people prefer to pay for something as small as binders. Clipboards are handy if you’re just going to put random notes in the binder. You can just hook them up with the clip and they’ll stay warm and cozy right inside the binder.

Better Durability
Binders with clipboards are a lot more durable as compared to typical binders. The clip can be a bit heavy and the structure of the binder needs to be stronger to accommodate the modification. Cheap plastic doesn’t cut it so you can guarantee that the material is something that can hold itself together. The sound structure removes any chance of damage to the binder. This means that you can throw around the binder, abuse it, or even hit someone with it without the binder ever snapping or getting chipped – A good thing for the clumsy peeps that don’t pay much attention to the well-being of their stationary items.

Cheaper than Standard Binders
Looking to buy something less flashy than those colorful expensive binders? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place. These binders are much simpler than those fancy binders. You might be thinking that this is actually a con, but paying $50 for a Hello Kitty binder is definitely not justified. So, buy something cheaper, better, smarter and more efficient by going for these great binders with clipboards.

Really Productive
This isn’t exactly a reason why clipboard binders are superior to regular binders. But, it’s worth mentioning that these binders can help you become really productive. With endless pockets to store all your necessities, they can be your meal ticket to having all your carry-ons completely organized. There are going to be different compartments for your business cards, pens and even net-pockets for your phone or calculator.

Closing Thoughts
You could argue that regular binders are better but you would have to use both to understand the difference. The truth is that when the standard binder will be lost and forgotten, the binder with a clipboard will still be alive and serving you well.

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