A5 Planner Binder

A5 Planner Binder – The Pros and Cons


We all need binder at some point in our life. For some people, that time comes in school when they have to use a binder to take notes. For some, it comes in college when they have to note down lectures and slug a lot of stuff through the campus. And, for some people, that time comes during their mid-life when they have to make presentations in meeting and a simple file just doesn’t look professional. In such A5 planner binders can really come in clutch for you. But, before you make the purchase, there are a few things that you need to know about A5 planner binders. As the title suggests, we’re about to list everything good and bad with the A5 planner binders. So, without further ado, let’s get into the pros and cons.

Lots of Room

Some of us often end up running out of space in our binders. Most people just like to put some paper in their binder and sometimes a few cards a pen too. But, some of us like to carry a lot more than that. A few good things we personally carry would be a calculator, phone, lots of pens, headphones, charger, business cards, etc. So, if you’re using anything smaller than A5 planner binders, you’re going to run out of space. The A5 planner size allows you to hold up as many things as you’re going to need during the day. Forget about purses and bags, the only viable option is to buy the best A5 planners.

A5 Planner Size and Weight

This is definitely a con on our list. Sure, we all appreciate the A5 planner size and love it because of that, but it can be really difficult to haul around that enormous A5 planner binder. Even the best A5 planners are really heavy. So, if you’re going to be walking around a lot, try to find something smaller. The A5 planner size will be huge weight around your arms.

Difficult to Add Pages

Getting your hands on A5 planner size paper is slightly more difficult than A4 or some other size. With A4, you can just go to the library and ask the librarian for some paper (politely). But, with the A5 planner size, you’re going to have to buy A4 pages and cut them so they fit the A5 planner size. A little bit of extra work, but not something that is completely a deal breaker.

Closing Thoughts

We personally like to use A5 planner binders regardless whether it is huge or if it is difficult to carry. It’s just really convenient and all that room just makes everything negligible. You can just store literally the entire contents of your bag pack with ease. It’s really easy to manage and that’s why we’d personally go for the best A5 planner any day of the week.

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