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Customer Success Story

Product: Envelope

Industry: Printing

Client Size: Medium

2011 PEAK Grand Award Winner - DocuMedia's "Air Worthiness Tag"
Completed by Univenture

DocuMedia Group, one of America's top 50 form distribution companies as recognized by the PSDA, provides diverse business communication services to corporate, government, and non-profit clients across California. DocuMedia has won four straight PEAK Awards for print and value-added product excellence, including the 2011 Grand Award in the "Envelope: High-Impact" category for its Air Worthiness Tag -- which Univenture created.
Design Flaw Mars Efficiency, Customer Relations
DocuMedia Account Rep & Company Partner Doug Warneke had an established relationship with Crane Aerospace & Electronics, the aerospace division of the multi-billion dollar Crane Co. (NYSE: CR). Crane Aerospace manufactures highly engineered components used universally in the aircraft industry - virtually all commercial and military aircraft worldwide fly with Crane Aerospace-manufactured components. Each manufactured aircraft component (such as those built by Crane) must possess a 'Certificate of Airworthiness,' which indicates the part has been inspected and conforms to international aviation safety standards. If a component is ever separated from its accompanying certificate, it is rendered unusable until the document is either recovered or replaced. Thus, mindful tagging of components is a simple but critical part of the distribution process.

In the past Crane purchased standard manila envelopes from DocuMedia, which were usually effective enough - but when they weren't, the fallout was alarming.

Take, for example, the following scenario: Crane would ship a set of components to one of its many international airline customers, such as Korean Air. Upon reaching Korean customs, the certificate would be temporarily removed from its manila sleeve to be examined. By the time the parcel reached Korean Air, some sleeves would be empty. The airline simply could not proceed without that documentation, so the component (which in some cases could be an entire system for a jet aircraft) would be returned to California. Airplanes in need of part replacements waited, out of commission, for months while Crane paid repeated overseas shipping; the incidents wasted Crane's time and resources, and took a toll on customer relations.

The startling frequency of such incidents prompted Crane Aerospace to request Warneke's advice. "This was happening with a high regularity - roughly four times a month. and it would take 2-3 months to reprocess each return," Warneke said. With no way to expedite the certificate replacement process, the incidents themselves had to be reduced.

DocuMedia Consults Univenture for a Unique Product Solution
Challenged with finding an alternative design, Warneke thought up a clever proposal. "I asked, 'Is there any way we could do something clear?'" he recalled. Crane Aerospace was receptive to experimentation, so Warneke began to consider potential vendors - and Univenture Regional Sales Manager Traci Arnds immediately came to mind.

"Traci has always been very proactive in sending us information and keeping us abreast regarding new products. so I thought to reach out to her, and I presented her with the problem," Warneke said. Although Univenture's EnvyPak™ clear poly envelopes were originally designed with direct mail marketing in mind, the envelopes made a lot of sense for this unusual application. Arnds suggested a custom-built EnvyPak tag for the project, and development soon followed.

Because the new tags had to meet the particular specifications of both Crane Aerospace and the airline companies, Univenture scrupulously managed the product's design. Numerous features had to be incorporated:
  • The tags had to be sized so that the certificate information could be easily visible (to minimize removal)
  • The closure element had to be durable (for repeated use)
  • The poly and its outer seal needed be resistant to harsh weather, chemicals, and rough treatment
  • The metal eyelet, a carryover from the previous design, was still necessary to easily attach documents to the component using a plastic tacit

DocuMedia, Univenture Deploy Specialized EnvyPak Envelopes
Univenture developed handmade preproduction samples to be reviewed by all parties. DocuMedia presented the tags to Crane Aerospace, who in turn showed the tags to its airline customers - all of whom approved.

The design was met with little opposition because it is such a thorough improvement from its predecessor - a simple but carefully executed custom product. The clear design not only reduces the number of times certificates need to be removed, it also becomes immediately evident when one is missing. The resealable tape adds an extra level of protection that holds up to extended use. And the metal eyelet, which was a first for Univenture, was integrated effortlessly.

The first shipment of tags Crane Aerospace received needed no further tweaking - nor were any changes made to the subsequent two reorders. "The design has not since been modified in any way," Warneke said. While the initial tag deployment went off without a hitch, the true reward for Crane only revealed itself with time.

Unnecessary Returns Completely Eradicated
Since Crane Aerospace began using the EnvyPak tags in 2011, the number of unnecessary returns has dropped from roughly 50 each year to zero. "To my knowledge, there has not been a single return since the tags were implemented," Warneke emphatically reported. "This is one of those rare cases where the cost of the product was simply inconsequential compared to the return on investment."

The impressive results, combined with Crane's ecstatic approval, led DocuMedia to enter the product for a PEAK Award in 2011 - which it won. DocuMedia has since touted the Air Worthiness Tag to other clients and prospects as a prime example of its custom capabilities with Univenture's added expertise at hand.


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