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Tamper Resistant Adhesive CD | DVD Safety-sleeve® - Box of 1000

Tamper Resistant Adhesive CD | DVD Safety-sleeve®
Tamper Resistant Adhesive CD | DVD Safety-sleeve®
Tamper Resistant Adhesive CD | DVD Safety-sleeve®
Tamper Resistant Adhesive CD | DVD Safety-sleeve®
Tamper Resistant Adhesive CD | DVD Safety-sleeve®



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Product Details

Product Highlights:

  • Adhesive poly disc sleeve with zip strip
  • Tamper resistant perforated opening
  • Holds 1 CD | DVD
  • Safety-sleeve® protection cushions and protects disc

Product Description:

This poly adhesive sleeve, excellent for combining discs with books, magazines or publications, has edge-edge peel and stick adhesive backing. Sleeve has tamper-resistant opening for enhanced security. Safety-sleeve material provides ultimate disc protection. Custom features include printing and a variety of colors and material options.

For best results in combining a disc format to a book, magazine or other publication - this peel and stick product holds the disc securely in place. Safety-sleeve® material protects discs from damage that disruptsplayback. Polypropylene sleeves are made from materials that are forty percent lighter in weight than comparable sleeves which allows for substantially lower shipping costs. Polypropylene has a wider temperature range and is resistant to chemical attack, making these sleeves long term archivable.

Product Specifications:

Box quantity:
Box weight (lbs.):
1 Disc
White #27093
Outside dimensions:
5.375 x 5
Tamper Resistant Adhesive CD | DVD Safety-sleeve®

Customization Examples and Advice:

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Customer Solutions:

Jammin’ with The Jazz Fly

Solution Summary:

Like most children’s authors, I started my career by writing books for other publishers. But I always wanted to share more than the written word. I worked out ways to perform my stories live, adding percussion, theatrical gestures and foreign phrases for effect. At times, the live performance took over the written word. I especially liked rhythmic stories that used jazzy chants and beats...

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