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Mini Binders

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Small binders, big-time functionality.

A5 binders have become an extremely popular size in recent years for their portability and all-around convenience. UniKeep™ fully enclosed technology allow users to carry and store smaller items both conveniently and securely.

UniKeep Mini Binders are available in two versatile, widely adopted widths. The .75" (19mm) size is very similar in all dimensions to a standard DVD case. 1.25" (32mm) cases have enough space to stack larger quantities of thin profile items like stamps and dies.

Mini binders take up hardly any shelf space, but they're even better in action. Since they're just the right size for jotting down notes, they make excellent planners -- and you can buy standard refill pages to reuse the same binder again and again. They're compact enough to fit in a purse or take to the store, but also large enough to write in comfortably.

UniKeep Mini Binders feature a clear plastic overlay so you can add your own personalized inserts. Whether you're labeling supplies or just adding decoration to your planner, you'll find customization easy and fun.

Mini Binders in Bulk from UniKeep