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12" x 9" Auto-Insertable Catalog Envelope - Box of 500

12" x 9" Auto-Insertable Catalog Envelope - Box of 500
12" x 9" Auto-Insertable Catalog Envelope - Box of 500

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Product Details

Product Highlights:

  • Clear catalog envelope made from USPS-approved polypropylene
  • Tape-free opening for maximum auto-insertion and sealing compatibility
  • Holds 11” x 8.5” catalogs, photos, and mail-ready portfolios

Product Description:

EnvyPak auto-insertable clear catalog envelopes can add a deluxe flair to your catalog campaigns. These 100% polypropylene envelopes are specially designed with no seal to maximize their compatibility with the “stuffing” equipment found in letter shops. EnvyPak envelopes are certified for insertion equipment from major manufacturers such as Pitney-Bowes and Bell & Howell.

Not sure whether our envelopes will work with your equipment? Contact us and we will either confirm that your model is compatible or send you a test kit.

EnvyPak envelopes are constructed from sturdy, crystal-clear 4.5 mil polypropylene, which lends both a professional touch and additional protection through the mail. All EnvyPak products are 100% recyclable and made in the USA.

Product Specifications:

Box quantity:
Box weight (lbs.):
18 lbs
11.63" x 8.81" Materials
Clear #13044
4.5 mil Polypropylene
Outside dimensions:
12" x 9"
These are just some examples of the many customization options we are proud to offer; contact us for a full overview.
Flexographic printing
Custom Shapes & Sizes
Automated Labeling
Automated Insertion
Custom Adhesives
Custom Compartments

Flexographic printing:

Full-color printing available, even on custom shapes and sizes

Custom Shapes & Sizes:

EnvyPak products can economically be custom-welded to your exact specifications

Automated Labeling:

EnvyPak polypropylene freely accepts the solvent-based inks used in high speed addressing technology

Automated Insertion:

Our envelopes have been optimized to be compatible with most automated “stuffing” machines

Custom Adhesives:

Envelopes can be manufactured with permanent tape, resealable tape, or no tape

Custom Compartments:

Our unique welding process allows for truly custom seams and perforations


Customer Solutions:


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