12796 - Black - Case of 20 review by Peter Murphy

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Excellent Product & Service (5/5) Feb 14, 2011 Peter Murphy US
  The 20-disk Unikeeps with top-flap safety sleeves are ideal for storing all of my software and data CDs and DVDs. They store in far less space, accomodate my Microsoft Publisher-printed covers with full index of the contents, seal tightly, open easily, and keep the discs far cleaner than jewel boxes and with far less dangerous abrasion than paper sleeves. Flipping through or re-ordering the discs is also easy yet secure. Each disc's separate pouch keeps registration keys and printed literature together when I need it, without potentially scratching the disk.

The cost per stored disc is lower than jewel boxes, and the Unikeep is unbreakable. Why these are not displayed nationally at retail is beyond me. I regret not discovering these years ago.

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