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home brewers journalHome Brewers Journal – Top Things A New Home Brewer Must Know

Home brewing is a fun experience for brewers as they seek to create new tastes of craft beers. The home brewers journal is a great way to log craft beer recipes. Each home brewer has a unique experience but there is some information that every new home brewer must know so that they are able to make the best beer. Here are some of the top things that a home brewer must know:

Good friends are there for you on brew tasting day

When your first brew is fresh off the barrel, don’t try to hoard it because chances are you will have too much to drink alone. You also need to have objective feedback, so it is always nice to invite your friends around to come and try some. You can always use their help and comments to get better. Also, brewers are quite popular in the neighborhood because everyone loves the guy with the good beer.

Patience is critical

A good brewer must be patient because brewing takes a lot of time. Making a good craft beer requires fermentation, carbonation and conditioning that could take weeks or months to do right. Time matters depending on the type of ale or lager you are trying to make. Brewing of most ales should take a day while the fermentation takes another two weeks. Completing the beer, carbonation and sugar priming also takes two weeks so you should be able to start drinking your craft brew in 4-6 weeks.

Mistakes could become discoveries

Making mistakes is a part of brewing and you should not be so quick to throw away the “bad batch.” Instead, record your findings and steps in your home brewers journal and try it to see how it turned out. Many excellent recipes are as a result of “mistakes’ that became inspired methods. This is why you should ensure that you document your brewing process and keeping a home brewers journal is the best way to do this so that in the event you stumble into something amazing, you can recreate the process by simply referring to the journal entry.

Your home brewers journal is your friend

Home brewers journals have been created to keep records of brew batches, log all processes and experiments. These journals also have convenient reference charts and tasting notes. When buying a home brewers journal, look out for those that are made with polypropylene so that it can last long time like this Homebrew Journal Kit.

Start with established brewing styles

For your first brew, it is recommended that you should try a simple, easy-to-perfect recipe. Try a basic pale or amber ale for your first brew. There are also kits that you can use to get your beer right the first time. The good thing about your first batch of beer coming out nice is that it encourages you to continue learning and growing as a home brewer. Think of it like driving. Nobody becomes a stunt driver overnight.


Brewing is a nice hobby that is fun and rewarding, it could even become financially viable if your friends love your brews enough to buy it for their parties and hang-outs. You only get better with practice, keeping a comprehensive home brewers journal and make friends with other brewers either in your neighborhood or online to share experiences.