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Disc Packaging

More disc sleeve options than any other

Offering more options for single disc packaging

Products range from modified Jewelpak to biodegradable polypropylene to paper. The single disc packaging line provides numerous disc protection levels, including Safety-sleeve, which provides optimal disc protection. Features on some of the single disc packaging products include: lift-up windows to hold disc securely in place; standard and custom hole configurations; additional pockets for graphic inserts; bind-in sleeves with tamper evident closure; clear windows for product visibility, and many more.

Improved multi-disc storage

Multi-disc packs store more discs in less space.

Most MultiPak products include Safety-sleeve material that provides optimal disc protection. All MultiPak products come with extra pockets, which can be used for graphic inserts or booklets. MultiPak formats are available to hold up to 24 discs, or in ViewPak and lift-up window page styles.

Disc wallets for versatile disc storage

Safe & durable disc storage

Designed to be the safest and easiest storage for all disc formats, UniKeep Media Disc Binders™ and wallets combine functional and efficient UniKeep design with premium pages that are safer for your discs. Safety-sleeve wallet and binder pages feature a unique non-woven 100% polypropylene fabric with no lint and no chemicals. Dirt is trapped away from the data to help prevent scratching the disc. Binders and wallets can be customized with cover inserts or custom imprinted with full color graphics on the overlay. Safety-sleeve wallet pages and sleeves can be custom printed with full color graphics or manufactured in custom colors. Binders and wallets hold from as few as 5 discs to as many as 100.

Disc pages for countless configurations

Easy organization with interchangeable Safety-sleeve pages

Disc pages are available in single, double, four and eight disc formats. Features include: Safety-sleeve material for optimal disc protection; hole spacing available to fit 2-ring, 3-ring, 5-ring and A4 binders; additional pockets for graphic inserts or booklets; spines for labeling and many more.

Versatile disc cases for easier storage

A case for all your disc packaging needs

We offer a wide range of packaging products to meet many preferences and functional requirements for any form of media storage. Our cases are made from durable polypropylene and feature crystal-clear material for enhanced disc visibility. Features of disc cases include: security hubs for an added level of protection; cases with full wrap overlay for printed graphics; single and multi-disc configurations for bundling; compatibility with automated disc sleeving and packing equipment, and more.

Adhesive disc pockets for tamper-resistant packaging

Adhesive disc pockets

Adhesive sleeves are excellent for combining discs with books or manuals, or filing discs with important documents. Adhesive sleeves are available in a variety of colors and materials including: Safety-sleeve, matte or glossy finish, tamper resistant, full color printing to enhance your message, or compatible with automated disc and graphic insertion equipment. Sleeves come with easy to use peel and stick adhesive solutions, clear covers for enhanced visibility, and are available in 80mm and business card sizes.

Bind-in pockets for combined media packaging

Flexible disc storage with bind-in sleeves

Bind-in sleeves are perfect for adding promotional or instructional multimedia discs to books and publications. Bind-in products are available in Perfect Bound, Saddle Stitch and Comb Binding formats. A clear poly layer ensures complete product visibility, and sleeves are compatible with standard bindery equipment. Communicate your message even more with full color printing directly on the sleeve.