Bioplastic Binder Highlights Univenture's Creativity

Univenture Teams Develop Fittingly Inventive PR Tool for Bioplastics Innovator

Biobent Bioplastic BinderPresented with the challenging task of composing a clever representation for a client with as much knowledge of materials as anyone, the Univenture team created a bioplastic product that exceeded all expectations.

The recent assignment to create a press kit for Biobent LLC, a cutting-edge producer of environmentally-friendly bioplastic resins, made for the ideal opportunity to showcase the sustainable versatility of each brand. According to Biobent President Keith Masavage, the end result fully incorporated both Univenture and Biobent’s diverse capabilities inside and out. “Without the design and production team at Univenture and the company’s standards for quality and innovative approaches to manufacturing, Biobent would not have been able to produce this kind of product,” Masavage said.

The binder itself is composed of the exact biocontent-enhanced polypropylene that has become Biobent’s signature product. Biobent can compose the plastic with up to 40% biologically-derived content without compromising the plastic’s overall performance. The award-winning formula involves bonding safe, widely-available soy with the base resin at the molecular level.

At larger scales of manufacturing, Biobent can provide this soy resin in order to manufacture products such as Unikeep’s case binders at a cost competitive with traditional plastics, making it an ideal choice for clients looking for a smart way to stay “green.” This is why although bioplastics represent only 1% of the current plastics market; they are expected to assume 40% of the market within the next five years. The end product works just as well for features such as Unikeep’s high-quality digital printing.

Univenture’s proprietary EnvyPak™ technology allows for virtually limitless customization; this proved to be especially crucial in constructing pouches to secure and display granular samples. Another custom page features pockets so that clients can examine the bioplastics in their molded forms. The pouches and pages alike accommodate straightforward examination while maintaining a professional, stylized look.

Univenture’s creative and efficient design solutions thoroughly impressed Biobent’s executives – so much so that Masavage has devised additional applications for the finished product. “Both the sleeves and pouches work great and have been such a hit with the press that we are now using them for sales sample kits as well.”


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