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The creative side of content marketing for publishing, software, and entertainment industries requires a range of disc and media packaging options to meet various demands from the consumer and production.


Marysville, Ohio—April 26, 2012—Box-set sales have continued to increase as customers increasingly prefer the collectability and functionality of box-sets for storing media. Multimedia box-sets that include entertainment, software, books, and music, are increasing in shelf presence and market demand. To meet this demand and support growing business, it is crucial for disc publishers to be able to provide disc packaging that is eye-catching, customizable, durable, and functional.


For 25 years, Univenture has been a global source for custom solutions in disc packaging and multimedia box sets. Bringing together a full line of wallets, binders, and sleeves with a range of custom printing and decoration capabilities, Univenture delivers products that are more environmentally responsible, functional, and cost-effective.


Lightweight, durable, and completely customizable, Univenture’s UniKeep™ wallets and binders provide secure, value-added packaging for audiobooks and multiple-disc sets. Made entirely from rigid, curbside-recyclable polypropylene, they are designed with integrated interlocking poly rings and are compatible with Safety-sleeve® disc pages, allowing individual pages to be easily added or removed.


Univenture is uniquely positioned to offer these industries a variety of alternative materials to make environmentally sound choices that increase a product’s ROI in a range of budget to high-end applications. The company understands the subtleties of automation, media packaging, and custom design solutions to produce dynamic results. Univenture’s binders and disc wallets are more durable and more customizable than other leading multi-disc cases, and offer improved value with limitless digital print decoration and disc auto-insertion with U-1000 technology.


Designed for Safe Storage

Photographic Activity Tests (PATs) conducted by an independent laboratory confirmed that Univenture’s disc packaging products and overlays can safely store important discs and artwork without producing harmful chemical reactions that can cause damage over time. The innovative, fully enclosed design increases overall durability and reduces the risk of loose contents. Patented Safety-sleeve pages feature a unique, non-woven polypropylene fabric with no lint and no chemicals, enabling dirt and debris to be trapped away from the disc surface to prevent scratching.


Limitless Customization Makes Your Box-Set Stand Out

Univenture offers comprehensive customization and fulfillment options for multi-disc cases, including digital printing, flexographic printing, and custom color-matching. Photo-quality printing of brand messaging, logos, or artwork means a disc collection that will truly stand out on store shelves.


Our Story

Since 1988, Univenture has continually developed innovative disc packaging products that raise the bar for functionality, durability, creativity, and custom client solutions. Our customers’ testimonials tell it best, and we are grateful for their trust and partnership over the years. We hope their stories will inspire you to work with us for your next packaging project, and let us create a custom solution that exceeds your expectations.


Custom Capabilities Create Value for the Consumer & Publisher:
Joyce Meyer Ministries

Univenture has worked with Joyce Meyer Ministries, a Missouri-based international nonprofit organization with global outreach activities that include conferences, missions, food aid, and more than 80 books, teachings, and recordings. In 2005, Univenture introduced its disc packaging products to Joyce Meyer Ministries. After experiencing the disc wallets’ quality, appearance, and cost-effective production, Joyce Meyer Ministries began using Univenture disc products for all of its CD/DVD packaging.


Since that time, the ministry has been using Disc 5 and Disc 10 wallets with single and double-sided releasable poly sleeves, each page uniquely branded with the Joyce Meyer Ministries logo. Working directly with the customer to develop a more practical solution, Univenture developed a new “releasable” feature for the Safety-sleeve page, helping to increase the value in how the final product is assembled.


“We appreciate the quality and additional value of the Univenture wallet,” commented Paul Huse, Marketing Director of Joyce Meyer Ministries. “They are less expensive, easier to inventory, and we have fewer returns due to damage during shipping.”


Joyce Meryer Ministries Distribution Manager, Rick Lamborn, feels that what sets the UniKeep disc wallets apart from the competition are their compactness, durability, quality, and versatility. “We no longer have the need to stock a variety of items to accommodate different inserts,” said Lamborn. “They are a good overall value.”


Flexible Solutions Accommodate Customer’s Budget & Market Demands:
Failsafe Media Company

Failsafe Media Companyhas been a major Midwest provider of total media manufacturing services since 1983. When one of their customers, an Educational Publisher, called with a packaging project that was going to demand a team effort, they thought of Univenture. The project consisted of 14 different CD-ROM printed carrier covers, with several different CD capacities ranging from nine to 18-disc capacity. One problem was quantity; they only needed a small quantity of each, 250 to be exact. Secondly, the artwork for the covers was in a format from a competitor, which needed to be modified to fit the Univenture template. As usual, all of this had to be done within a very quick turnaround time.


“I had worked with Univenture when I was with another company in a similar business and had found them to provide a quality product at a reasonable price, so I made the call,” said Larry Hermreck, Sales Representative. “Univenture was wonderful to work with. They worked with me to modify the artwork in conjunction with the printer and produced the product on time as agreed, doing it all at what I considered to be a very competitive price.”


“I would highly recommend Univenture as a business partner,” said Hermreck. “My customer and I were very pleased with the final outcome of the project. The printing was done beautifully and the quality of the overall product was excellent.”


Full Service from Concept to Fulfillment Adds Value for Publisher:
Real Authentic Sound

Real Authentic Sound, known internationally as RAS Records, celebrates over 20 years of experience in the Reggae business with over 300 releases and international licensing. To celebrate their 20-year anniversary, RAS put together a 20-disc package, featuring their three-color logo on the cover. Univenture worked with RAS to develop a solution to hold 20 discs with artwork and custom printing, and brought end-to-end service with automated disc insertion.


“Univenture was very easy to work with and accommodated all of their packaging needs, including excellent-quality printing, insertion of 20 discs, and packaging in the MultiPak wallet,” said Doctor Dread, Founder of RAS. “All aspects of this project were handled professionally and the turnaround was quick. Thanks to Univenture, everyone given the package was extremely impressed with how nicely the promotional CD package turned out.”


Versatile Solution is Loved by Educators:
Wiggles N’ Tunes

Since its development in 1993, Wiggles N’ Tunes has offered children worldwide an exciting program of planned music play and education through its creator, Carolyn Zorn. The program offers educators a comprehensive, ready-to-use curriculum that teaches children about music and movement. Faced with the challenge of organizing a curriculum with so many components, Zorn turned to Univenture.


“The UniKeep View Case Binders were unique from other document and media storage products,” Zorn recalled. “There are many wallet CD case solutions, but there was nothing like the UniKeep View Case Binder. It protects everything inside, and it stores and stacks easily.” Zorn also liked the single clasp closure, its durable 100% polypropylene construction, securely snapping poly rings, and portability.


The UniKeep 1-Inch View Case Binder is currently used as the housing unit for three curriculum programs in the Wiggles N’ Tunes series. Each binder includes a 100+ page teacher’s manual and guidebook, divider tabs, lesson plans, 13 CDs and one DVD. The overlay graphics make it easy for a teacher to see which collection one is teaching, and the lesson plans and play-along music CDs are stored within the Safety-sleeve pages.


To produce the package, Zorn and her team provided Univenture with a design and were impressed with the way the company turned their artwork into an insert overlay that beautifully conveyed their vision.


“It allows us to have the best of both worlds—a stock item with a custom look! Our teachers love it!”


Distribution Solution Leads to Customer Loyalty:
The Joy of Marketing

The Joy of Marketing is dedicated to helping boutique photography studios grow their businesses with workshops and educational products. Café Joy, their educational membership-based service, helps encourage its members to invigorate their business every month without ever having to leave home.


Membership includes monthly mailings full of samples and ideas to help give boutique owners a competitive edge with their marketing. These mailings often include audio CDs, which led ‘Joy’ to seek out a convenient way for members to organize their discs.


“We needed a sturdy case to keep our monthly audio CDs contained in one tidy place for our members,” said owner Sarah Petty. “We wanted this product to encourage loyalty to our program. When members join Café Joy, they receive a box full of marketing educational materials, a welcome CD and the current monthly CD. They continue to receive discs each month.”


The UniKeep CD 30 offered ‘Joy’ a practical solution that was able to contain more discs than other leading disc packagers.


“We customized the cover insert with a full color off-set printed design. We also created a custom die-cut pocket folder for each month to include the monthly marketing CD. When we were testing the final product, our target market LOVED it,” said Petty. Univenture’s greatest feature is their ability to understand customer needs and find a solution that adds value and differentiates a company’s product from others available on the market.


“We were working under a short time frame and needed a company that could be responsive to our needs,” said Petty. “Our sales representative sent us a sample overnight, and was eager to get us the quantity we needed quickly. When our reputation is at stake, it is critical to work with the highest quality companies.”


Univenture Wants to Help Create a Winner in the Marketplace

Univenture multi-disc solutions are durable, eye-catching, customer-loved, and can be produced quickly to customer specifications. To learn more about how Univenture can improve your packaging and increase your ROI, visit www.univenture.com or call 800-992-8262 to speak with a sales expert about products samples or mock-ups.


About Univenture

Univenture has been designing and manufacturing media packaging for leading companies in the entertainment, software and publishing industries since 1988. Globally anticipating and meeting customer needs, Univenture has sales and manufacturing operations in Marysville, Ohio and distribution capabilities worldwide.


Corporate Contact:
Johanna Espinosa
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