Digital Printing and Spiritual Development Unite

AZ Reality Publishers, LLC (AZRP) was formed in 2001 as a self-publishing company to support its global audience.  The company is continuously reaching out to share their guidance and direction with others.  For the book series, A Course in Light by Antoinette Moltzan, a five series study course of books and CDs, they were looking for a dynamic way to package the collection while keeping costs down. 


During an Internet search, the company came across Univenture’s custom packaging capabilities, as well as their new service, which offered digital printing directly on their fully enclosed UniKeep Case Binders. 


“When we discovered Univenture and their ability to use digital printing we realized that their concept would fulfill our need,” said Antoinette Moltzan, co-owner of AZ Reality Publishers, LLC.  “They put forth the effort to create a precise match to our book covers.  It was a perfect complement to our materials.” 


The UniKeep Case Binders that AZRP used are made from 100% recyclable polypropylene that is durable and archival-safe.  The case closes securely to protect the contents, making it ideal for loose items and kits such as A Course in Light.


“The enclosed case binder is unique and cost effective.  Our shipping expenses are less, yet the product is more protected and easy to package,” said Moltzan.  “I am delighted and impressed with the outcome of our product.” 


The audience for A Course in Light generally consists of those searching for self-development and spiritual fulfillment.  Students throughout the U.S., Taiwan, China and Australia use the series, with even more anticipated potential globally.  The series is also available at a variety of bookstores and through Web sites like Amazon and BookSurge.


“Those who have viewed the package are very impressed with the look and quality of the case binder,” remarked Moltzan.  “We are pleased with the result and proud to use them for our students and bookstores.”


Univenture offers packaging solutions all the way from concept and development to design and manufacturing.  AZRP took advantage of this customization using input from the product design team to improve the printing template before completion.


“Working with Univenture was easy.  They continued to communicate with us with each step,” recalled Moltzan.  “The production was fulfilled in time and the printing was excellent.  I look forward to a long relationship with Univenture as their product enhances our books and the presentation of the package.”


Univenture has been designing and manufacturing media packaging for leading companies in the entertainment, software and publishing industries since 1988.   The dedicated focus of the Univenture team has resulted in numerous industry awards and accolades for its innovation, commitment to customers and sales growth.  For more information on Univenture and its products, visit


A Course in Light is structured over five series of meditative processes and includes a book and range of CDs.  For more information about A Course in Light, the series, visit

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