2007 PEAK Award Winner: Royal Mail “Britain in Miniature”

When you’re a design company, especially working in a consumer focused environment, your clients are always demanding that you deliver something special; it has to be different, innovative and compelling, enabling their product to stand out, on the already crowded retail shelf.


GregoryBonnerHale (GBH) are a multi-award winning design and advertising agency based in London, solving communication problems within brand identity, literature, TV and print advertising, retail, environments and multimedia for clients, both in the UK and overseas, including Puma, Eurostar, Flos, Land Securities and Virgin.


Mark Bonner, Director of GBH, was the man charged with bringing this project to fruition.  Mark had the daunting task of searching for a way to not only present the First Day Covers, but also to store and protect them for the future.  Mark had good fortune in finding a CD type packaging that was from a family of products by UniKeep. 


 “We were looking for a binder that could protect a child’s stamp collection for Royal Mail’s new product, ‘Britain in Miniature’,” said Mark.  “We needed something that would be robust as well as contemporary in its feel.  Univenture‘s UniKeep View Case Binder™ added a translucency to the design concept that we really took advantage of.  The binder’s clear cover allows the child to constantly change the stamp album’s front cover.  In addition, the binding mechanism itself is just perfect for enquiring, and delicate for little fingers and hands.  We were delighted to discover it.”


The Royal Mail was very happy with both the design of the stamps as well as the excellent way they had been presented.  It also led them to a new product listing on the retail shelf of W H Smiths, a prominent UK High Street retailer, something they had not been able to achieve for 14 years! 


Caroline McNamara, Royal Mail Marketing Manager, said, “UniKeep was the perfect choice for the Royal Mail ‘Britain in Miniature’ First Day Cover collection.  Our focus has been to get the younger generation interested in stamp collecting but not at the peril of alienating our regular customers.  The UniKeep binder is certainly ‘child friendly’ with all the characteristics that our more discerning collectors would approve.  UniKeep provides true flexibility for the collector, with easy to insert divider pages and pockets that can be added as the collection grows.”


On the retail shelf, the translucent UniKeep binder allows the colorful contents of the ‘Britain in Miniature’ to show through behind the cover print, creating an influential shelf presence.  Inside, each series is accompanied by a folder that documents the stamp subject in great detail, along with pockets for storing and displaying the stamps and First Day Covers.


About UniKeepä Binders

UniKeep™ manufactures an award-winning line of 100% polypropylene binders that are both stackable and fully enclosed.  UniKeepä has won numerous awards and rave reviews for the design of their products, their high quality printing and creative customer solutions.  For more information, visit www.unikeep.com.

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